Any and all donations are very welcome. We thank you in advance for your generosity!!

Gracia's fund raising team managed toraise sufficientfunds to purchase a new light commercial Speed Queen top loader washing machine which has been delivered and is currently being used. Below is a list displaying thesponsors. The cost of the machine was R 13000,00 . The children and staff at Gracia are grateful for the donation and thank all involved!! Sponsor Donated Fred and Elna Wypkema R 5 000,00 Ryan and M

Gracia is struggling to get all the washed clothing dry in time for the children to wear them again later the same day or that evening. They require 2 x single phase tumble dryers. If anyone has a tumble dryer they would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated. If not we will attempt to raise funds to purchase these items. The target here will beR 10 000,00. Below is a table displaying the sponsors and funds raised to date. Sponsor Donated

Financial donations
All donations are very welcome! Thank you kindly! ...

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